Almora Botanica introduces its ‘clean’ beauty products to travel retail - November 2022

Following its debut as an exhibitor at the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference in Cannes, Almora Botanica is raising further awareness of its USP as a ‘healthy beauty brand inspired by nature and powered by science’ to the travel retail and duty free industry.

“I wanted to develop the cleanest and purest possible line of skincare products, offering the highest quality ingredients validated by modern science and by dermatologist-led clinical studies – and at the same time with active ingredients so concentrated that they can benefit well-ageing with their full potential,” said Ravi Prasad, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Almora Botanica.

Formerly Executive Chairman of Himalaya Wellness Company, Prasad’s passion for ayurveda, science and skincare shines through in the new brand.

Almora Botanica has been created utilising high quality ayurvedic herbs and by following ‘stringent green chemistry protocols’ to formulate results-driven products.

The collection teams Ayurveda with science in line with a holistic vision that champions a ‘from the inside out’ approach to beauty.

Almora Botanica Cream for Deep Lines (100ml ) 99.27% natural, SRP £189
Almora Botanica Cream for Deep Lines (100ml ) 99.27% natural, SRP £189.


The company believes that ‘if you take care of yourself, your mind and body through nutrition, thoughts, physical and soul practices such as mindfulness and yoga, your inner health will radiate through’.

The products contain a selection of rare herbs, roots and adaptogenic plants sourced from organic agricultural suppliers that are respectful of local biodiversity.

Almora Botanica Nourishing Night Face Oil (30ml) 100% natural, SRP £95.


The emphasis in on using fewer ingredients to maximise efficiency.

‘Furthermore, fewer ingredients mean less allergic risk, less harvesting burden on the planet and a smaller carbon footprint,’ says Almora Botanica.

The beauty brand is characterised by its ‘less is pure’ approach, with ‘clean’ formulations that are free from ‘harsh ingredients’.

The brand is COSMOS-certified and ensures that no harmful effluents are released at any point in the development or manufacturing of the products.

A signature creation that features in the range is the Elixir Sapta – an exclusive blend of seven natural oils with an active delivery technology that penetrates deep into the skin.

The ‘potent’ herbal extracts help to calm and brighten the complexion and guard against the ageing processes.

Skin health is reinforced through a five-pronged approach: skin balance (microbiome health and low inflammation); skin resilience (stress protection with adaptogenic plants); skin energy (multivitamins and nutrients supplied by Ayurvedic botanical ingredients); skin strength (reinforced skin barrier with the Elixir Sapta); and skin lift (a personalised and integrative method of face yoga that combines facial self-workouts with Marma acupressure points).

There are two easy-to-navigate ranges comprising 14 products. The first aims to prevent and preserve the skin (for ages 30 to 45) while the second is targeted to restoring and repairing the skin (for ages 45+).

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