Face Yoga Fitness

Unlock your super skin with our expert techniques

Discover the benefits of Face Yoga Fitness

Activate over 50 face muscles and gently transform your skin with Face Yoga Fitness, our natural non-invasive approach to ageless beauty. Level up our high-performance Ayurvedic skincare with Face Yoga Fitness techniques, designed to stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system.

Our self-administered classes and hands-on facials are designed to firm, plump, and sculpt the skin, whilst also giving you time to reconnect with yourself. It's time to exercise the face whilst relaxing the mind.

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Our signature DOT.METHOD

Combining seven elements, our proprietary DOT.METHOD© activates different parts of the face to connect mind, body, and skin. This unique DOT.METHOD© is designed to sculpt, lift, and firm all skin types, leaving your skin radiant and glowing.


Gua Sha Magic Mushrooms


Ayurvedic massage


Marma meridans


Chakra energy points


Face Yoga Fitness poses


Breathing techniques


Herbal Oils

Face Yoga Fitness benefits

Balance the microbiome with anti-inflammatory ingredients

Activate skin resilience with antioxidants

Boost collagen and cell renewal 

Promote circulation and oxygenation

Strengthen skin barrier functions

Sculpt, lift, and glow - get skin fit

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Ayurvedic Skincare Boosted by Almora Botanica Face Yoga Fitness