Face Yoga Exercises by Danielle Collins

 Face Yoga Exercises

Learn the art of face yoga with Danielle Collins, a world-leading expert

Face yoga and facial massage are skincare secret weapons. Exercising the face as part of your daily beauty routine helps create firmer, plumper and more youthful-looking skin. A face yoga pioneer, Danielle Collins has crafted a bespoke program of video workshops designed for use with Almora Botanica skincare products, each of which targets a different area of the face.

Danielle Collins is a world leader in face yoga and facial massage. She has been integral in developing the practice, which combines face exercises derived from yoga with science-based facial toning research. After years of training and research at the British School of Yoga, she developed The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, which has been turned into a best-selling book.

We’re incredibly privileged to have had her create an exclusive face yoga program using Almora Botanica products.

“I am a great believer in combining traditional techniques that have been used for thousands of years, particularly in Eastern medicine, with modern, scientifically proven research.”

Danielle Collins

Learn the art of face yoga with Danielle Collins

Face yoga applies exercises, stretches, and massages to the face and neck to reverse signs of stress and ageing.

Studies from Northwestern University have shown that regular, sustained facial exercises like these contribute to a more youthful appearance, with participants seeing changes from as little as 20 weeks. The Danielle Collins Method was put to the test by doctors on BBC1 show Twinstitute in 2019 and showed that face yoga can make the skin look a year younger in one month.

Want to really see the difference? Try Danielle’s exercises for a month and show us your face yoga before and after with the hashtag #faceyogabeforandafter.

Targeted face exercises

What area are you looking to treat? Watch as Danielle shows you how to use Almora Botanica products with targeted face yoga exercises for optimal results.

  • Forehead smoothing face yoga with Almora Botanica Radiance day face oil

  • Eye wrinkle-busting face yoga with Almora Botanica Restorative eye serum

  • Cheek lifting face yoga with Almora Botanica Purifying gel cleanser

  • Lip-plumping face yoga with any Almora Botanica night face oil

  • Jaw-releasing face yoga with any Almora Botanica day face oil

  • Neck toning face yoga with Almora Botanica Cream for deep lines

Seasonal face exercises

What does your skin need? Watch as Danielle shows you how to use Almora Botanica products with facial exercises to revive your skin every season.

  • Skin detoxifying face yoga exercises for spring

  • Skin brightening face yoga exercises for summer 

  • Restorative face yoga exercises for autumn

  • Winter face yoga exercises for a holiday glow


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