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Many of our products are powered by our signature SAPTA COMPLEX© technology, a 100% natural proprietary base created by scientists after years of research. Instantly sinking into skin, it allows for the best possible absorption of our active ingredients.


Ayurvedic plants and adaptogenic botanicals found in the heart of the Himalayas are also at the heart of our formulas. Made from an exclusive blend of seven natural cold-pressed oils, our SAPTA COMPLEX© harnesses an innovative technology that delivers active compounds into the skin faster and more effectively, acting as a natural, healthy, and supercharged ‘skin food’. 

With a formula that’s almost as light as water, its texture is also 10 times lighter than most oils, allowing it to be absorbed instantly. SAPTA COMPLEX© offers second-skin protection whilst leaving skin as soft as cashmere.

Meeting the highest standards

We follow strict criteria: exclusive use of natural and vegan skincare ingredients, and the minimum use of ingredients for maximum efficacy. Our standards have resulted in the following certifications:

Brilliant botanicals

We source the purest plants with the highest potency to unlock peak performance in our natural skincare products.


More about certifications

COSMOS natural

COSMOS is an international non-profit association controlling and regulating standard requirements and definitions for natural cosmetics. Its certifications are very advanced and provide a commitment and proof of following the highest standards of performance and sustainability in natural products of every stage, from seed to shelf.

At Almora Botanica, all our products are certified to the Soil Association COSMOS Natural Standard, which means we meet standards across:

• Natural origin: a minimum of 98% of ingredients are plant-based. Any non-natural compound must follow strict green chemistry protocols and cannot exceed 2% of the formula.

• Sustainability and ethical sourcing: ingredients must come from sustainable agriculture, respecting biodiversity and following responsible practices and guidelines. Packaging must be sustainable, and the supply chain must be fully traceable.

• Green chemistry principles for derived ingredients: use renewable raw materials, eliminate waste, and avoid using toxic and hazardous reagents and solvents in manufacturing and application.

• Biodegradability: more than 95% of ingredients must be biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic environments (LC50, EC50, IC50 > 1 mg/L).

• Cruelty-free: no animal testing.

• Free from: heavy metals, aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, dioxins & PCBs, radioactivity GMOs, mycotoxins, medicinal residues, phthalates, nitrates, nitrosamines, and any other controversial chemicals.

• Transparency: authenticity in product communication and claims.


Our ingredients are cultivated and collected under GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices), ensuring soil fertility, contamination level, and molecular markers level with no bacterial and fungal impurities.


The Vegan Society is an internationally registered charity and the oldest vegan organization in the world. Each product's formula and fabrication process is checked against the following criteria to ensure they meet the highest vegan standards:

• No animals are used in the manufacture of products

• No animal ingredients or derivatives (e.g., honey)

• No animal testing

• No GMOs


The Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny is a global organization controlling and approving brands with its cruelty-free certification. At Almora Botanica, we have the highest respect for all life forms and believe in a better science without cruelty.

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